Plenary sessions

The ARLEM plenary sessions take place once a year. All ARLEM members participate in the plenary.

The role of the plenary session is to adopt the Action Plan, the Recommendations, the thematic reports issued by the Commission for Sustainable Territorial Development and, when necessary, documents as resolutions, position papers or others.

A short Activity report listing the activities during the period between the plenaries is tabled for information.



9th plenary session on 21 February 2018 in Giza (Egypt)

  • Action Plan 2018-2019: AR - EN - FR  
  • Recommendations for 2018: AR - EN - FR
  • Activity Report 2017: AR - EN - FR 


8th plenary session on 23 February 2017 in St Julian's (Malta)


7th plenary session on 19 January 2016 in Nicosia (Cyprus)

  • Action Plan 2016: AR - EN - FR
  • Recommendations for 2016: AR - EN - FR
  • Activity Report 2015: AR - EN - FR


ARLEM Annual reports on the territorial dimension of the Union of the Mediterranean
2010 - 2014 

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The 9th ARLEM plenary session took place in Giza (Egypt) on 20-21 February 2018

The 8th ARLEM plenary session took place in Malta on 22-23 February 2017.