Multilevel governance: Building Europe in partnership
Multiple levels of government
​European integration is a constant work in progress. In addition to its traditional core mission as the EU's assembly of regional and local representatives, the Committee of the Regions wants to encourage a wide-ranging debate on the future of Europe beyond the Brussels institutions.
The Committee of the Regions has a vision of a European Union working in partnership: a Union fostering a culture of multilevel governance.
In today's age of globalisation, the Committee of the Regions believes there is a need for a better understanding of the role and place of regional and local authorities in priority areas such as:
  • the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty
  • the review of the EU's financial framework
  • overarching strategies such as Europe 2020
  • the reform of structural policies
  • the future of territorial cohesion
  • demographic change
  • energy and climate change


The Committee of the Regions enganged in a process of developing a culture of Multilevel Governance. The different stages and outputs of this process chronologically include:

- an Ateliers cycle on MLG (2008-2010)

- a White Paper on Multilevel Governance (2009);

- a Consultation on the White Paper on Multilevel Governance (2010);

- a Multilevel Governance Scoreboard (2011-ongoing)

- towards a Charter on MLG (ongoing)

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