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​The Charter for Multilevel Governance (MLG) in Europe was adopted by the Committee of the regions on 3 April 2014.


This Charter opened on 9 May 2014 for the signature of all EU cities and regions and calls public authorities of all levels of governance (local, national and European) to use and promote multilevel governance (MLG) in their future undertakings.

• Charter signatories are invited to experiment with innovative policy solutions in adherence with MLG principles of subsidiarity, proportionality and partnership, and to promote the use of multilevel partnerships and instruments for joint policy action.
They undertake to developing a transparent, open and inclusive policy-making process and to making multilevel governance a reality in day-to-day policy-making and delivery.
EU institutions and EU member states are in turn invited to apply Charter principles when drawing up, implementing and evaluating European strategies and policies.
Associations and networks of local and regional authorities, together with political figures wishing to support this process are invited to declare their support.

MLG charter

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