Opinion factsheet

    Investir dans la jeunesse de l’Europe et le corps européen de solidarité

    : CDR 851/2017
    : GRZYBOWSKI, Paweł
    : ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists Group)
    : SEDEC
    : Adopted
    : 11/05/2017



Legislative proposal on the ESC

The European Commission published the legislative proposal on the European Solidarity Corps (COM (2017) 262 final).

30 May

Nomination of EP rapporteur

CULT Committee appointed Helga Trüpel (Greens/EA) as rapporteur of the ESC file.

30 May

#YouthUP Gala

The rapporteur represented the CoR at the #YouthUP Gala, one of the flagship events of the Euopean Youth Forum.

20 Apr

European Solidarity Corps Stakeholder Forum

The rapporteur took part in the European Solidarity Corps Stakeholder Forum.

12 Apr

EP Resolution

EP Resolution passed on 6 April 2017 on the European Solidarity Corps.

06 Apr

Council Conclusions

EYCS Council adopted conclusions on Investing in Europe's Youth, focusing on the European Solidarity Corps.

17 Feb

Rapporteur's meeting

The rapporteur met Max Uebe and Anita Vella, Head and Deputy Heads of Unit of Employment Strategy of DG EMPL.

16 Feb

Stakeholder consultation

The rapporteur held a consultation with various stakeholders and representatives of regional offices in order to feed the opinion with their views.

16 Feb