In order to be recruited as an official by an EU institution, you need to pass an open competition organised at the inter-institutional level by the European Personnel Selection Office.

The Committee of the Regions also employs temporary or contract staff.

Employees of local, regional and national bodies or intergovernmental organisations may also apply for positions as seconded national experts.




  • Directorate: Directorate L, Logistics
    Deadline: 11.09.2017
    Abstract: Reporting to the Director for Logistics, the Deputy Director supports the Director in defining the priorities of the Directorate, contributes to the daily management of the Directorate and carries out the Director's duties in the event of absence or ...

  • Directorate: Directorate C, Legislative Work 2
    Deadline: 01.09.2017
    Abstract: Le fonctionnaire sera chargé de l'accomplissement de tâches d'analyse et d'organisation sous la responsabilité du chef d'unité.

  • Directorate: Directorate T, Translation
    Deadline: 18.08.2017
    Abstract: Translating documents from some of the most frequently used languages such as English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and possibly other official EU languages into Irish and English.

  • Directorate: Directorate A, Members and Plenaries
    Deadline: 28.07.2017
    Abstract: Sous l'autorité du chef d'unité, du chef de service et du chef d'équipe, fonctionnaires chargés de travaux de gestion technique et technico-administrative au sein de l'équipe des régisseurs multimédia.

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