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Valcárcel and Van Rompuy unanimous about cohesion policy being instrumental in overcoming the crisis

The next EU budget must be an effective tool to lead Europe out of the ongoing crisis and cohesion policy will play an instrumental role in keeping the promise of overcoming the difficulties and weaknesses of the current economic and social scenario. This was the vision strongly shared by CoR President, Ramon Luis Valcárcel and by the President of the EU Council, Herman Van Rompuy, at the meeting held on 11 September in Brussels. "It is more and more evident that Europe needs to intervene simultaneously to consolidate its financial accounts and to re-launch the economy and promote inclusive growth" said President Valcárcel. "Therefore, while negotiating the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020, all stakeholders need to take into account that without a strong cohesion policy our capacity to innovate and to promote economic growth and social inclusion will be put seriously at risk", concluded.

President Van Rompuy fully shared the emphasis on the need to ensure that cohesion policy can count on adequate resources and effective rules within the next MFF.

He also stressed the relevance of this policy in bringing Europe close to the local communities and underlined the peculiar role of the Committee of the Regions in consolidating the impact of the European Union on the ground. Besides improving the implementation of a major part of the EU budget, the cooperation among local and regional is key to promote a correct perception of the decisions adopted at EU level, of the Union's common goals and values and to prevent disinformation and populism.  

At the end of the meeting, President Valcárcel expressed his deep appreciation for the commitment of President Van Rompuy and for his attention to the role of regions and cities also shown through the decision to take part in the next CoR plenary session, scheduled for 8 October, in the context of the Open Days 2012.

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