Promoting young entrepreneurship at regional and local level: The European Entrepreneurial Region experience (workshop code: INV12B19)

12/10/2016    | 11.15 am – 1 pm | room JDE 52 | Committee of the Regions | Brussels

With new companies creating over 4 million new jobs each year, entrepreneurship is one of Europe's main drivers of growth and job creation. Surveys show that students participating in entrepreneurship education programmes are three to five times more likely to start their own company than the general population. Entrepreneurial learning allows young people acquire essential skills and attitudes such as creativity, initiative, and understanding of risk. Moreover, entrepreneurial mind-sets do not only help entrepreneurs transform ideas into action, but also significantly increase employability. Linking entrepreneurship education with support for early-stage entrepreneurs can help maximize the impact of regional and local entrepreneurship policies.

Several winners of the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) award have developed and implemented successful initiatives promoting young entrepreneurship, ranging from Kerry County's Junior Entrepreneur Programme, which introduces entrepreneurship in elementary schools, to Helsinki-Uusimaa's NewCo Factory, a flagship project helping young entrepreneurs bridge the gap between ideation and start-up phase. Building on this expertise, a group of 10 EER regions has initiated the iEER Interreg Europe project, which brings together all actors of the Triple Helix in order to strengthen regional entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn from the experience of the EER winners in boosting young entrepreneurship at regional and local level, and to explore together how cities and regions can move further ahead in promoting entrepreneurial mind-sets and business creation among young people.

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Organizer: Marc Kiwitt / Hana Slepickova
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