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Acerca del CDR
Oportunidades de empleo

In order to be recruited as an official by an EU institution, you need to pass an open competition organised at the inter-institutional level by the European Personnel Selection Office.

The Committee of the Regions also employs temporary or contract staff.

Employees of local, regional and national bodies or intergovernmental organisations may also apply for positions as seconded national experts.




  • Directorate: Directorate E, Human Resources and Finance
    Deadline: 03.02.2017
    Abstract: The verifier's role involves verifying the legality and regularity of all proposed transactions with a budgetary impact, giving his or her opinion on the sound management of financial transactions, as well as offering advice and assistance freely to ...

  • Directorate: Directorate C, Legislative Work 2
    Deadline: 27.01.2017
    Abstract: The official will carry out analytical and organisational work under the responsibility of the Head of Unit.

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