EER 2011: Murcia region hosts “Entrepreneurship Day 2011” as part of the EER action plan and European SME Week (Lorca 6th October 2011)

On 6th October 2011, the EER 2011 labelled region Murcia hosted "Entrepreneurship Day 2011", one of the most relevant EER activities in the Murcia region during the EER 2011 year. Organised by the regional Ministry of Universities, Enterprise and Research through the regional development agency (INFO), "Entrepreneurship Day 2011" was also registered as an event of the European SME Week 2011.

“The ultimate goal of Entrepreneurship Day 2011 is to favour an environment fostering the implementation of business initiatives. The plans and policies included in "Plan Emprendemos' provide the framework of trust in which the entrepreneurial spirit of Murcia Region people can easily flourish to make their projects come true, as  recognised by the Committee of the Regions when the Murcia region became one of the first winners of the EER label", the regional minister Ballesta said.

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