Cohesion policy is the main European investment policy to achieve the EU Treaty objective of economic, social and territorial cohesion. In doing so cohesion policy has a clear added value in creating jobs, sustainable growth and modern infrastructure, overcoming structural barriers, boosting human capital and improving the quality of life. It also enables cooperation between regions, cities and municipalities from different Member States, as well as cooperation with the private sector, knowledge institutions and social partners at regional level.

Following the adoption of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) Opinion on "The future of Cohesion policy beyond 2020" at the Plenary Session of 11 and 12 May 2017, which called for the setting up of an alliance for cohesion policy, the CoR and the main European territorial associations (AER, AEBR, CALRE, CEMR, CPMR, and Eurocities) launched during the European Week of Regions and Cities 2017 the # CohesionAlliance, which aims at supporting a strong EU cohesion policy for all regions beyond 2020 through joint activities of associations and interested parties and individuals across Europe.

The objective of the #CohesionAlliance is to send a clear message to Institutional decision-makers on the importance of securing a strong Cohesion policy for all regions beyond 2020 and on the key place that Cohesion policy must continue to occupy in the future of the European Union .

The alliance is open to everyone who shares this common objective, irrespective of the position they might have on the details.

Key principles for the #CohesionAlliance

The central element of the #CohesionAlliance is an easy to read document on the key principles for the #CohesionAlliance , which has been drafted on the basis of the CoR Opinion on "The future of Cohesion policy beyond 2020" and in consultation with the main European territorial associations. By joining the #CohesionAlliance, new partners endorse these key principles.

Possibilities for signing up to the #CohesionAlliance

The #CohesionAlliance is open to all individuals, organisations and institutions that share the common objective of a future with a stronger, effective and more visible cohesion policy for all regions

CoR Members are assumed to have signed up to the #CohesionAlliance by virtue of adoption of the opinion on the future of cohesion policy Others who wish to join the #CohesionAlliance can do so – either on behalf of their organisation or in their individual capacity – by signing the #CohesionAlliance declaration, by registering on the dedicated webpage, or by sending an email to .

Other possibilities for mobilising support for the Alliance

One main objective of the #CohesionAlliance is to amplify the voices of those in favour of securing a strong and effective Cohesion policy for all regions beyond 2020 .

#CohesionAlliance partners are therefore invited to support the Alliance proactively, for example by featuring the CohesionAlliance prominently on their websites and using the #CohesionAlliance hashtag and branding in their communication and social media activities. A toolkit for partner organisations and individual supporters of the #CohesionAlliance is available on the webpage.