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on the basis on its "trade for all" strategy. The initiatives aim at increasing democratic … the European Commission's step to publish all of its proposals for new negotiating mandates …
Authors: Carmen Schmidle Date: 25/04/2018 Size: 73KB

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The Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget (COTER) of the European Committee … in our regions and bring prosperity for all citizens. We need a strong cohesion policy in …
Authors: Ouvinen Lauri Date: 17/04/2018 Size: 73KB

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Members of the European Committee of the Regions adopt Code of Conduct for the involvement of … While there is no one-size-fits-all recipe, Member states should ensure that the local and …
Authors: Stephanie Baxter Date: 17/04/2018 Size: 70KB

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President, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, agreed, saying: "We all have a responsibility to put Europe … the case for a strong cohesion policy for all regions and cities after 2020, the Committee …
Authors: Stephanie Baxter Date: 16/04/2018 Size: 78KB

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to implement the EU that citizens want". All Member States have accepted to participate in … has organised 150 citizens' dialogues in almost all Member States, listening to about 30.000 …
Authors: Nathalie Vandelle Date: 13/04/2018 Size: 74KB

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The members of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) reject the European Commission's … not only of cohesion policy but of all EU policies supporting structural reforms ", said Ms …
Authors: Stephanie Baxter Date: 27/03/2018 Size: 73KB

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a better quality of life to people in all EU regions", argued Mieczysław Struk in his draft … resources from various sources, the abolition of all rebates and the introduction of new own …
Authors: Stephanie Baxter Date: 26/03/2018 Size: 73KB

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Local and regional politicians adopted recommendations for European industry adapting to a new … regional companies in global value chains. All regions – including rural areas – should be …
Authors: Flavia Diniz Date: 23/03/2018 Size: 70KB

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conflict of interest and monopoly over all stages of the procedure. Failure to resolve this … receive significant support but do not meet all the formal criteria or do not reach the full …
Authors: Flavia Diniz Date: 23/03/2018 Size: 74KB

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European Committee of the Regions backs EU strategy aimed at enabling the accession of Western … must be fully aligned not only with all EU values, but demonstrate that they are upholding …
Authors: Stephanie Baxter Date: 23/03/2018 Size: 76KB

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