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    Stephen ALAMBRITIS

    Leader of London Borough of Merton

  • Jennette ARNOLD

    Assembly Member, Greater London Authority

  • Albert BORE

    Member of Birmingham City Council

    West Midlands (England)
  • Anthony Gerard BUCHANAN

    Councillor East Renfrewshire Council

  • Joseph COONEY

    Leader of Pendle Council

    North West (England)
  • Andrew Varah COOPER

    Member of Kirklees Council

    Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Trevor CUMMINGS

    Member of Ards Borough Council

    Northern Ireland
  • Mairi Angela GOUGEON

    Member of the Scottish Parliament

  • Judith HUGHES

    Member of Kirklees Council

    Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Margaret LISHMAN

    Member of Burnley Council

    North West (England)
  • Kevin PEEL

    Member of Manchester City Council

    North West (England)
  • Dee SHARPE

    Member of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

    Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Harvey SIGGS

    Member of Mendip Council

    South West (England)
  • David SIMMONDS

    Councillor, London Borough of Hillingdon

    South East (England)
  • Judith Anne WALLACE

    Member of North Tyneside Council

    North East (England)
  • Emily WESTLEY

    Member of Hastings Council

    South East (England)

  • The United Kingdom is an asymmetrically decentralised unitary state. There are 55 unitary authorities ('Councils') in England; Wales has 22 unitary Councils; Scotland is divided into 32 directly-elected unitary Councils; Northern Ireland has 11 local Councils. 



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