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    Milan BELICA

    Chairman of Nitra Self — Governing Region

    Nitriansky kraj
  • Jozef DVONČ

    Mayor of Nitra

    Nitriansky kraj

    Mayor of Kežmarok

    Presovsky kraj
  • Pavol FREŠO

    Chairman of Bratislava Self — Governing Region

    Bratislavsky kraj
  • Augustín HAMBÁLEK

    Vice — Chairman of Trnava Self — Governing Region

    Trnavsky kraj
  • Jaroslav HLINKA

    Mayor of Košice — South

    Kosicky kraj

    Mayor of Bratislava, Capital of the Slovak Republic

    Bratislavsky kraj
  • Miloslav REPASKÝ

    Member of the regional parliament of the Prešov Self-Governing Region

    Presovsky kraj
  • István ZACHARIAŠ

    Vice — Chairman of Košice Self — Governing Region

    Kosicky kraj

  • ​Slovakia is a unitary state composed of Regions and Municipalities. There are 8 Regions, 79 districts and 2891 Municipalities in Slovakia.

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