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  • Peter BOSSMAN

    Mayor of the Municipality of Piran

    Zahodna Slovenija
    Jasna GABRIČ

    Mayor of the Municipality of Trbovlje

    Vzhodna Slovenija
    Aleksander JEVŠEK

    Mayor of the Municipality of Murska Sobota

    Vzhodna Slovenija
    Andreja POTOČNIK

    Member of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Tržič

    Zahodna Slovenija
    Franci ROKAVEC

    Mayor of the Municipality of Litija

    Zahodna Slovenija
    Robert SMRDELJ

    Mayor of the Municipality of Pivka

    Vzhodna Slovenija
    Ivan ŽAGAR

    Mayor of the Municipality of Slovenska Bistrica

    Vzhodna Slovenija

  • ​Slovenia is a decentralised unitary state composed of statistical Regions, devolved State administration units and Municipalities. The administrative units do not have the status of local government.

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