Regions and Cities of Europe, No 80, November-December 2012
N°80 - November - December 2012

Special feature: 2013 - European Citizens' Year

  • Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso: A two-pronged approach of rebuilding the economy and genuine democracy should help us out of the crisis
  • Viviane Reding: EU citizenship is not just a concept, but a practical reality that brings tangible benefits to citizens

    Also in this issue:

    • Joaquín Almunia: Growth in the regions that are most in need can only be the result of wise spending decisions
    • Simone Beissel: Our priority is to contribute to the European strategy for jobs and growth
    • Michel Delebarre: The main challenge is to ensure the democratic nature of the EU's economic governance
    • Michel Lebrun: The CoR is obliged to ensure its expenditure is in line with political priorities
    • Tenth edition of the OPEN DAYS

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