YBB Regions: 80 young people join the offices of their respective regions in Brussels over 2 years

​Youth and Brussels-based regions is an European project promoted by Abruzzo Region, in partnership with Dubrovnik-Neretva (Croatia), Lubuskie (Poland) and Prešov (Slovakia) regions, approved by the European Commission as part of the “Youth in Action” Programme.

The project aims at offering the young people coming from these four regions the same cooperation platform which operates on daily basis for their respective regional office in Brussels, as an opportunity to go through a unique non-formal learning.

The project plans to send at least 80 young people to Brussels over two years. They will be equally divided between men and women and will have to be aged between 18 and 30 years. Main project's idea is to offer them the privileged position of their respective regions based in Brussels, through the european voluntary service activities and transnational exchanges.

Activities will take place from the 1st May 2014 to the 30th April 2016. The young involved will have the opportunity to take a closer look not only at the European elections and the renewal of the European Commission and other European bodies (such as the Committee of the Regions), but also at the six-month Italian Presidency of the European Union and the following ones. Moreover, activities will be launched together with the 15th anniversary of the Abruzzo Region in Brussels (1999/2014): a great opportunity to take stock of the situation and to meet new challenges in the future.

As far as the european voluntary service is concerned, the young people (aged 18/30) who will benefit of this unique training offer will be chosen from the unemployed. As regards to transnational exchanges, however, both workers and unemployed (aged 18/25) will be involved.

Young people, who could be interested in the project, are strongly encouraged to get involved since this early phase.

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Abruzzo Region, (Directorate for Presidency Affairs-Liaison activities with E.U. - 28/01/2014)