Glasgow as a key enabler for innovation: the 2016 European Capital of Innovation award

Glasgow was included among the nine cities to have reached the final stage of the European Capital of Innovation Award 2016. The finalists which have shown an outstanding success in boosting innovation were announced on the 21st of January by the European Commission.

Markku Markkula, CoR President, during the July launch of the 2016 European Capital of Innovation award, said: "Regions and cities are the drivers of open innovation – growth through close interaction and inclusive co-creation with citizens, universities, business and the public sector."

The nine finalists are:
• Amsterdam (NL) - for embracing a bottom-up approach based on smart growth, start-ups, liveability and digital social innovation,
• Berlin (DE) - for performing as an urban living lab where innovative Information and Communication Technology solutions can be tested,
• Eindhoven (NL) - for combining digital technology with creativity in its world-leading urban smart lighting strategy,
• Glasgow (UK) - for its replicable innovation model based on partnerships across industry, science and communities,
• Milan (IT) - for enhancing social inclusion and alternative models in the delivery of public services to create more opportunities for employment,
• Oxford (UK) - for its vision to openly share the wealth of knowledge within its world-class innovation ecosystem,
• Paris (FR) - for its strategy based on open innovation, connectivity and ingenuity aiming at becoming a world hub for start-up,
• Turin (IT) - for its open innovation models supporting social innovation start-ups and creating new market opportunities for urban innovations,
• Vienna (AT) - for its innovation and ICT strategies based on a citizen-centred approach and long-term developments in economy, education, research and technology.

The 2016 European Capital of Innovation award was launched in July 2015. 36 cities from 12 countries applied to this year's competition to succeed Barcelona, the winner of the first European Capital of Innovation award in 2014. The contestants are cities with over 100 000 inhabitants from EU Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020, the European research and innovation programme. The winner and two runners-up will be announced in spring 2016.

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