Take part in the European Public Sector Award

All levels of Europe’s public administration, including regional and local authorities, are invited to take part to the 2013 edition of the European Public Sector Award organised by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA). The aim is to contribute to performance improvement in the public administrations across Europe by highlighting good practices and helping countries learn from each other.

The European Public Sector Award (EPSA) 2013 aims to bring together the most innovative, efficient and best performers from all sectors of public administration. The award contest is open to all levels of Europe’s public administration irrespective of the size or type of administration. The call for applications runs until 12 April.

Applicants can submit and showcase their innovative achievements around the overarching theme of “Weathering the Storm: Creative Solutions in a Time of Crisis”.

Applications should be submitted by the following administrative categories:

  • European and national level;
  • Regional level;
  • Supra-local and local level.

Each one of these categories will be awarded separately.

Ten European countries, together with the European Commission, the City of Maastricht and the Dutch Province of Limburg, are official supporters of EPSA 2013.

Conditions of participation and application at www.epsa2013.eu.