GMOs: local representatives oppose national bans procedures proposed by the European Commission

​Mark Weinmeister
A more transparent authorisation process for genetically modified food and feed is needed, according to the members of Commission for Natural Resources (NAT) of the Committee of the Regions (CoR).
The NAT members gave their backing on 21 September to a draft opinion that argues that there needs to be more transparency and more democracy in the process of letting these organisms enter the Single Market. They consequently recommend that the European Commission's proposal for a regulation that would give member states the power to restrict or prohibit the use of EU-approved GM food or feed on their territory be rejected.
Mark Weinmeister (DE/EPP), Secretary of State for European Affairs, Land of Hesse, rapporteur of the opinion on decision-making process on genetically modified food and feed, pointed out "the proposal gives Member States the option of restriction or banning the use of GMOs on food and feed products yet offers no legal certainty on how to do it without breaching European or international treaties".
The need to address the widespread mistrust and lack of acceptance with respect to genetically modified organisms is also stressed in the draft opinion of Mr Weinmeister. The members of NAT commission called specifically for clearer labelling rules.
The CoR Members discussed and voted on Mr Weinmeister's recommendation at the plenary session 12-14 October. The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament shares these concerns and is poised to call on the European Commission to withdraw its proposal.
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