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CoR to celebrate 20 Years and elect new President

Also on the plenary agenda:
Urban policy, European Entrepreneurial Region 2015, Adriatic-Ionian Macro-region

During its plenary session on 25-26 June the Committee of the Regions (CoR) will celebrate its 20th anniversary and take the opportunity to look back, take stock and set new future priorities. The plenary will be the final sitting chaired by the current President, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, with members electing a new CoR president and first vice-president.

 To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the CoR will hold an official ceremony on the first day (25 June), assessing the successes and challenges of the CoR since its inception in 1994. A series of debates involving CoR members, former CoR presidents, EU institutions' representatives, academics and young professionals will be organised to look back at the main achievements and reflect on the CoR future.
On the second day (26 June), CoR members will discuss and vote on a resolution on the CoRs' 20th anniversary setting out a roadmap to strengthen the political and institutional role of the institution. With a new European Parliament to be formed in less than a couple of weeks and a new European Commission soon to be formed, the CoR will also agree on a resolution putting forward a number of expectations and proposals for the new EU legislative mandate. On the same day, a new CoR president and first vice-president will be elected, replacing Ramón Luis Valcárcel (ES/EPP) and Mercedes Bresso (IT/PES) both elected as MEPs.
As a testimony to his two-year mandate at the head of the institution, President Valcárcel will also present a report laying down 50 recommendations for the CoRs' future.
Urban policy, sustainable growth and the 7th EAP
Urban policy will be up for debate with members to discuss and vote on three opinions dealing with EU cities' sustainable growth: an Integrated EU Urban Agenda, drafted by Bas Verkerk (NL/ALDE), the Urban Mobility Package, by Albert Bore (UK/PES) and the Seventh Environment Action Programme and the Sustainable City, by Daiva Matoniené (LT/ECR). Members will also debate budgetary affairs with an opinion on the execution of the EU budget to be presented for adoption by rapporteur Adam Struzik (PL/EPP), and on the Draft EU Budget 2015 by Agnès Durdu (LU/ALDE). Launching the EU's Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region will also be on agenda with the debate led by Gian Mario Spacca (IT/ALDE).
European Entrepreneurial Region 2015 winners to be announced
During the first day of the plenary, the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) label 2015 will be awarded to three most entrepreneurial regions in Europe.
The plenary will be held in the European Parliament, Paul Henri Spaak building (hemicycle)
Debates will be streamed live on
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