YFactor: where is [y]our future? Putting youth on the EU agenda

05/02/2015 05/02/2015 09h30 17h30| JDE 51 - JDE 52 - JDE 53
On 5 February 2015 more than 150 young Europeans came together at the Committee of the Regions to discuss the future youth strategy of the European Union. They adopted 10 proposals to improve major issues such as youth employment, EU citizenship and sustainable development.
In the wake of the new EU legislature in the Council, Parliament and Commission, 2015 provides an especially unique opportunity to discuss future challenges regarding EU policies from the perspective of young EU citizens.  Jean-Claude Juncker's recent 10 points agenda is perhaps the most operational tool to drive change within the EU's cities and regions. 

This conference was an opportunity to present the European institutions with a number of proposals related to the most salient and decisive issues for the young Europeans: lack of jobs and concerns about youth (un)employment; youth's disinterest in the EU politics and the polarisation of the EU citizenship; as well as young people's concerns about environmental degradation and short-term policies, in relation to the need for sustainable development and growth.
After a series of panel debates with high-level representatives from European institutions, academia and civil society, the participants drafted and voted upon their recommendations, which will inspire the consultative work of the Committee of the Regions and which will be shared with the other EU institutions. The 10 adopted proposals are included in the conference report.

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