Smart specialisation strategies: Implementing European Partnerships

18/06/2014   9.00-17.30| Committee of the Regions (Rooms JDE 52, 53, 70 and 3253), Rue Belliard 101, B-1040 Brussels

The conference "Smart specialisation strategies: Implementing European Partnerships" was a bench-learning conference exploring possibilities for European partnerships, offering an interactive participatory platform for regions and cities to explore relevant collaboration methodologies and thematic areas for RIS3 partnering. It was organised jointly by the Committee of the Regions, the S3 Platform, and the regions of Helsinki-Uusimaa, Utrecht and Valencia. 

Networking lunch:  
The conference participants had lunch in thematic groups, which elaborated further on the themes of the workshop sessions. These discussions are documented on the Meshmoon platform, and focused on:
“RIS3 as a Process”: Implementing RIS3 to support Smart Region development;  Triple/Quadruple Helix collaboration; synergy between research, innovation and regional policy; RIS3 as an economic transformation process.
“Instruments for Implementing RIS3”:  Implementing RIS3 to support targeted Living Labs development; smart services; practical experimentation; conceptualizing process-based learning; smart use of multiple funding instruments
“Open Innovation 2.0”: Implementing RIS3 to support Open Innovation development; open access to knowledge; new co-creation processes; innovation platforms; rapid prototyping.
“Entrepreneurial Discovery”: Implementing RIS3 to support Entrepreneurship development;  university as an environment for entrepreneurial mindset; different university interlinked instruments for entrepreneurship; science-society dialogue; universities collaborating with primary and secondary schools; venture capital and other instruments to encourage startup activities.
Virtual world interaction:
Part of the conference work took place on-line before, during and after the conference. Please join the on-line conversation:
Conference speeches and presentations:
Opening Session
Parallel Workshop Sessions
WS1: RIS3 as a process
WS2: Instruments for Implementing RIS3
WS3: Open innovation 2.0
WS4: Entrepreneurial discovery
WS5: Universities and Smart Regions
WS6: Europe's Industrial Renessaince
WS7: Low carbon economy&urban planning
WS8: eHealth
Concluding Plenary

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Organizer: Committee of the Regions, the S3 Platform and the Helsinki-Uusimaa, Province of Utrecht and Valencia regions
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