Strengthening regional parliaments in EU affairs: challenges, practices, and perspectives

02/07/2014   9:30-18:30| Committee of the Regions (Rooms JDE 52 and 51), Rue Belliard 101, B-1040 Brussels

The Lisbon Treaty recognises regional parliaments with legislative competences within the framework of the new system of subsidiarity control. This affects a total of 74 regional parliaments from eight EU member states. Many of these have undertaken reforms to adapt to the new opportunities for becoming a more active player in the EU multi-level system. Adapting to the so-called Early Warning Mechanism is certainly at the heart of these reforms. The Committee of the Regions (CoR) has supported regional parliaments in various ways, above all by establishing a Subsidiarity Monitoring Network and by setting up the database REGPEX helping regional parliaments in exercising their new rights and improving regional inter-parliamentary cooperation. The conference aimed to raise awareness for the role and the challenges for regional parliaments. Contributions by academics and practitioners focused on a first evaluation of the new mechanisms and their use by regional parliaments. In addition, the conference aimed to bring in contact practitioners from regional parliaments with each other and with policy-makers and experts at the European level.
Target group
Participants fell into one of the following categories:
• Practitioners from regional parliaments’ administrations;
• Officials from regional representation offices;
• Representatives of EU institutions;
• Experts and Brussels based think-tanks with an interest in regional affairs.


Contact Person:  
Organizer: Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen and Committee of the Regions
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