Monitoring polycentric territorial development in Europe with novel indicators: beyond GDP and NUTS2

14/07/2015 14/07/2015 9:15 – 13:00 | Room JDE 51
This half-day seminar, organised by Directorate E – Horizontal Policies and Networks in close co-operation with the COTER and  the ECON Secretariats, will try to spur a debate within the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) on how to monitoring polycentric territorial development in Europe with novel indicators (beyond GDP and NUTS II). Recent developments in Europe showed a trend of increasing disparities between and within European regions in terms of GDP, employment and well-being.

Many research projects are currently addressing the following challenge: how to define and measure regional development in order to identify the best policies? The polycentric territorial development model which should count on the potential introduction of new indicators and beyond the nomenclature NUTS II would be the common theme of the discussion during the seminar.

The workshop should address the following questions:
  • Which are the patterns of territorial development that can better foster growth and employment?
  • Is a polycentric Europe a means to reduce disparities within Europe and between European regions?
  • How to define and measure the drivers for a more territorially balanced Europe?
Targeted audience:

CoR members, EU institutions' staff, regional association representatives, think tank and political foundations experts and journalists.


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Contact Person: Gustavo Lopez Cutillas
Organizer: Unit E1 – Forward Planning, Studies and Academic Networks
Phone - Mobile: +32 2 282 2503 -