Stakeholder consultation - Bridging the investment gap: How to tackle the challenges?

07/11/2016    | 11.00 am - 12.30 pm | Room: JDE 63 |  European Committee of the Regions

Investment in key areas has decreased as a direct result of the financial and economic crisis. In fact, since 2008, investment has gone down by 15% overall, while in some countries public investment remains half of what it was before the crisis. This means that hundreds of millions of euros worth of investments are not taking place each year in our regions and cities. Relaunching investment in our cities and regions is thus crucial and we need to work on removing the obstacles that hold Europe back, not to only reach the pre-crisis investment levels, but rather to unlock the true potential that regions and cities hold, as the powerhouses of Europe. 

For this reason, the European Committee of the Regions has made kick-starting sustainable investment one of its key political priorities and is working on an overall vision for smart investment. This opinion on 'Bridging the investment gap: How to tackle the challenges?'- alongside the Bratislava declaration and the CoR action plan on investment – is a stepping stone in this process. 

As the title suggests, the aim of this opinion is to understand what the obstacles to investment currently are, how to overcome these challenges and eventually to offer solutions to effectively bridge the investment gap in Europe. The opinion seeks to take on a holistic approach to investment: when speaking about investment, we need to consider all forms of funding and financing - the MFF, Cohesion policy, the Investment Plan, as well as other public and private sources of funding. They all have unique, but not opposite purposes and must thus act complementarily and operate in synergy if and when needed. 

Too often our investment tools are traditional ones, such as grants and loans, and awareness of financing opportunities remains low across Europe. We therefore have invited key stakeholders to this meeting to discuss how local and regional authorities can make the most effective use of all investment opportunities and financial means in order to maximize the return on their investment, for both the citizens and businesses.

The rapporteur on the opinion, Mr Markku Markkula (EPP/FI), Member of Espoo City Council and President of the CoR, together with his expert, Ms Tuija Hirvikoski, would be happy to meet with representatives of local and regional associations and other stakeholders for a consultation and an exchange of views on these topics. 

Please note that the meeting will be held in English only


Introductory remarks and presentation of key elements of the opinion on 'Bridging the investment gap: how to tackle the challenges', Markku Markkula, President of the European Committee of the Regions and rapporteur on the opinion on 'Bridging the investment gap: how to tackle the challenges?' 
Presentation and showcasing of current investment policy initiatives, financing opportunities and project examples by Mr Alessandro CARANO, DG ECFIN, European Commission, and Ms Debora REVOLTELLA, European Investment Bank (tbc).
Questions and answers
Closing remarks by President Markku Markkula

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