European Elections 2014 going local

22/05/2014   28 EU Member States
European Elections 2014
Between 22 and 25 May, over 350 million citizens will vote in the European Elections helping decide Europe’s future.
The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is dedicated to supporting the European Parliament in its efforts to develop a successful communication campaign for the elections.
The CoR mainly aims at involving its members and other political stakeholders at local and regional level in the decentralised communication about the elections, in addition to supportive actions by its administration in Brussels. One of the highlights of these communication efforts was the high-level debate with Commission President Barroso, which the CoR organised on 8 March during the 6th European Summit of Regions and Cities.




CoR publications

  • EU Citizenship passport (edited by the CoR at the occasion of the European Elections):
    - download the pdf version,
    - or download the Flash version

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