Think European – act local: Youth 2015 – recommendations for Europe

18/11/2015 18/11/2015 10:30 - 17:00| European Committee of the Regions


The second conference on the EU Youth Strategy and the role of the states and regions will address the core findings of the third EU Youth Report on the realities faced by young Europeans. Further, it will focus on resulting challenges and the need for political action on the regional level, notably in particular in the fields of social integration, employment, participation, culture and creativity, health and wellbeing, volunteering, education and training, as well as international cooperation.

The conference seeks to: 

  • raise awareness of the Committee of Regions´ political role,
  • explain regional and local dimensions, as well as the contribution of regions in the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy, referring to practical examples,
  • enhance the exchange about current challenges in regional youth policy, especially in the fields of participation, employment and social integration and support as well as possibilities of cross-sectoral youth policy,
  • spread the word about successful examples of European cooperation between regions in the field of youth politics.

In four workshops, topics will be discussed such as: 

  • Locally strong: conditions for successful dialogues between youth and policy makers
  • Interregional cooperation concerning youth political issues - examples and instruments
  • Implementation of the EU Youth Guarantee and support of the employability of young people
  • Youth politics today: Cross-sectoral and interfering
All workshops will give opportunity to discover practical examples from Regions from all over Europe.
Conference presentations:
Presentation by Ms Ulrike Hiller (workshop 1)
Presentaton by Ms Christina Ehrhardt EN/DE (workshop 2)
Presentation by Ms Karin M. Meyer (workshop 2)
Presentation by Mr Juan Angel Poyatos León (workshop 3)
Presentation by Ms Susanne Kretschmer (workshop 3)
Presentation by Ms Lucia Stanko EN/DE (workshop 4)
Presentation by Ms Stina Högnabba and Ms Pirjo Mattila (workshop 4)



Contact Person: Ulrike Wisser, JUGEND für Europa
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