"Reflecting on Europe" at the Västernorrland Regional Development Partnership Meeting

02/11/2017   09h - 13h| Landstinget Västernorrland, 871 85 Härnösand, Sweden


The citizens' debate in Västernorrland will look at the future of Europe from the regional perspective under the following headings:

  1. main proposals of the options in the Future of Europe paper;
  2. the EU from the regional perspective after Brexit;
  3. the role of the cohesion-transregional cooperation incl. NSPA;
  4. EU territorial investments;
  5. the role of bioeconomy.

CoR members Glenn Nordlund (SE/PES) and Jonny Lundin (SE/ALDE) are participating in the event at speakers.

Contact Person: Zofia Tucinska
Organizer: County Council of Västernorrland
Phone - Mobile:   -  
Email: zofia.tucinska@lvn.se
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