Cross-border rural areas and European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (workshop code: 12C54)

12/10/2016   | 14:30-17:00 |  Room VMA 3  | European Committee of the Regions |  Brussels

Rural border regions, peripheral in their country's organisation, face challenges such as difficulties in maintaining facilities (such as health, management of natural hazards and public services) or combining development and environmental protection.

Cross-border cooperation helps to meet such challenges, but their lack of recognition by domestic actors and inadequate engineering capacity make it more difficult.

The debate presents cross-border rural areas which have used or will use tools provided by ETC (integrated territorial development, including ITI and CLLD). The actors will discuss their experiences and needs with the European Commission and other stakeholders at European level.

Target audience

- EU, national, regional and local policy/decision makers

- Authorities managing and evaluating cohesion policy programmes and projects

- Other stakeholders: private companies, financial institutions, European and national associations - Academics, students and researchers


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Organizer: Committee of the Regions / Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT)
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