Overcoming Barriers to Economic Development – A remote Islands Perspective

09/09/2016   | Lerwick | Shetland Islands | Scotland | United Kingdom

​COTER Commission External Seminar

The objective of the seminar was to create a greater understanding of peripheral issues faced by islands and other remote communities and thus to draw evidence of the state of play of Cohesion in the EU. Remote islands and communities have a range of structural circumstances that are difficult for policymakers to grasp unless they are experienced directly. This seminar included as well an examination of the barriers and opportunities to pursue economic development strategies in remote communities, particularly those that are hundreds of miles from main shipping or transport links.

The seminar provided first-hand information on the enablers and barriers that such communities face in achieving sustainable economic development and Territorial Cohesion. By meeting local experts and local community groups dealing with matters such as sustainable economic development, social inclusion, environmental protection, participants will be able to get a better understanding of the vast variety of challenges and opportunities faced by remote islands and communities and integrate these insights into a European context.

In this respect, the seminar informed about the ongoing assessment of the application of the EU objective of Territorial Cohesion as well as the thinking on the future shape of EU programmes and the future of EU Cohesion policy.


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