Conference of the Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP)

29/09/2014   | International Cooperation 10h00-13h00 and 14h30-18h00| Tbilisi, Georgia

Join us at the Courtyard Marriott hotel, 4 Freedom square, Tbilisi
On Monday 29 September
08.30 – 13.00 Corleap meeting
(agenda EN - GE)
14.00 – 18.30 Conference Funding and financing opportunities: Key element for achieving a successful Eastern Partnership
(agenda EN - GE)
CORLEAP was established by the Committee of the Regions in 2011, at the request of the European Commission, with a view to providing an institutional platform for regular dialogue and cooperation between local and regional authorities from the EU and the Eastern partner countries.
The Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius in November 2013 confirmed CORLEAP's objective to include local and regional authorities in implementing the relevant Eastern Partnership policies and strategies.  Our activities were recognised at the highest political level and a call was made for further and stronger contributions to these policies at local and regional level.  CORLEAP will continue its work to enhance activity in the field of territorial cooperation, devolution of powers and capacity building. The annual meeting will be an opportunity to discuss progress achieved in the fields of decentralisation and territorial cooperation and to address ways of further developing political co-operation and dialogue between the EU and local and regional authorities in the EAP countries.
The annual meeting of the Conference for regional and local authorities for Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP) will take place in Tbilisi (Georgia) on the 29 September 2014. CORLEAP is the permanent joint assembly which represents the local and regional dimension in the EU's Eastern Partnership (EaP).
Main topics of deliberations will be the continued focus on decentralisation and self-government and the promotion of territorial cooperation which is very high on the political agenda also in light of the latest political developments in Ukraine. Reforms of devolving powers and financial resources and new possibilities of territorial cooperation will be discussed. The CORLEAP meeting will also approve recommendations to the EaP Summit of Heads of State and Governments in Riga (May 2015).
The Meeting will be followed by a conference dealing with funding opportunities as a key element for an effective EaP giving an overview of successful projects.
Funding and Financing Opportunities: key element for achieving a successful Eastern Partnership
The conference is dedicated to give an overview of the EU funds availability and other supporting possibilities for the local and regional authorities in Eastern partner countries. The event is co-organized by CORLEAP in partnership with the European Investment Bank.

Contact Person: CORLEAP Secretariat
Organizer: CORLEAP Commission
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