The Future of Plastics

26/02/2018 | Waste policy; Environment policy 14.30-17.30| European Committee of the Regions, Room JDE51

​The European Commission's first-ever Europe-wide strategy on plastics, adopted as a part of the broader Circular Economy Package, establishes an ambitious path to rethink plastics in a circular mode and aims to transform the way plastic products are designed, produced, used and recycled in the EU.

Municipal Waste Europe has the pleasure to invite you to attend a seminar dedicated to "The Future of Plastics" to discuss what are the barriers to the increased re-use and recycling of plastics and what existing systemic and technical solutions can be found together with exploring new opportunities.

The seminar will be open to EU officials, Members of the European Parliament, EU Member States representatives, experts from local authorities responsible for municipal waste management and experts directly involved in the legislative debate.

Registration opens at 2 p.m.

Contact Person: Konstantinos Malandrinos
Organizer: Municipal Waste Europe
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