NAT Seminar in Hastings UK, 7 October 2016

07/10/2016 07/10/2016 | Fisheries and maritime affairs Hastings, UK
NAT Seminar
Implementation of Sustainable Innovative Projects in Coastal Towns:
Regions leading the Way
Hastings, United Kingdom
7 October 2016
As a contribution to the NAT political priority of "Blue Economy", this seminar will enable the exchange of knowledge, experiences and know-how on local and regional strategies in terms of business development, local investments, tourism, rural policy and fisheries/maritime policy.
The seminar is organised on invitation from Cllr. Emily Westley and the City of Hastings, and will mark the beginning of the "Hastings Week", and will include participants from the Hastings FLAG, Local and regional policy makers and EU institutions that will reflect on the problems of regional development in coastal towns.


Contact Person: Dimo Stoyanov
Organizer: NAT commission
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