The future of Cohesion Policy beyond 2020 - Final Conference

03/03/2016 03/03/2016 | 9.30 am - 5.30 pm | Room JDE 52  | Committee of the Regions
EU investment is worth one-third of the overall budget of regions and cities. Cohesion policy is crucial to shape the future of the EU territories. However, there are concerns about its future.
The conference raised many questions: Is Cohesion policy under threat? How to tackle climate change, demographic change or migrations? How to link Cohesion policy and the economic governance? Which focus for Cohesion policy? How to make it perform better? Which reform? 
Selected statements:  
"We need a reformed cohesion policy that balances supporting basic infrastructure for those regions lagging behind, and promoting competitiveness and innovation to generate jobs and growth. It must become more efficient, more result-oriented and simpler, with synergies between public and private financing."
Markku Markkula, CoR President
"We need to fight for a Cohesion policy worth its name".
Constanze Krehl MEP (DE/S&D), Member of REGI Committee
"New EU challenges should be addressed by introducing more flexible programming arrangements taking into account the different impact of such challenges while maintaining the long-term vision."
Karla Šlechtová, Czech Minister for Regional Development
"Only cohesion policy can create a level playing field, bringing concrete benefits for both poorer and richer regions. Centralisation is not a solution to the current shortcomings. Despite two reforms, implementation is still burdensome: Delivery mechanisms and instruments must be radically simplified."
Raffaele Cattaneo (IT/EPP), Chair of the CoR Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget, President of the Council of the Lombardy Region
"Cohesion policy needs a profound reform. The main open issues include the introduction of stronger flexibility to deal with unexpected crises; the strengthening of the link between cohesion policy and EU economic governance; the improvement of the performance of the policy; and again, simplification."
Nicola De Michelis, head of cabinet of the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Creţu.
 Info about the conference:   
The CoR COTER Commission will now work on two own-initiative opinions: 
  • Opinion on the future of cohesion policy, rapporteur Michael Schneider (DE/EPP)
  • Opinion on simplification, rapporteur Petr Osvald (CZ/PES)  
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