Energising cities – energy intelligent cities of tomorrow

05/11/2014 08/11/2014 | Climate Action and Energy  - Munich, Germany
EUROCITIES annual conference 2014
Energising cities – energy intelligent cities of tomorrow
How can we make our cities energy intelligent? At EUROCITIES 2014 Munich we will explore ways to manage the demand for energy in growing cities without compromising economic and social concerns. Our citizens will be an important part of this journey, with greater sustainable energy supply, cleaner air, stable energy prices and improved transport promising a better quality of life. We believe that by sharing ideas now on mobility management, local renewable energy production and new technologies, our cities can make a crucial contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in future.
Location: Munich, Germany
Date: 5-8 November 2014
Organizer: Eurocities

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Organizer: Eurocities
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