Stakeholder consultation by the Rapporteur Mr. Györgi GEMESI (HU/EPP - CIVEX)

15/10/2012   Rue Belliard, 99-101 - B-1040 Bruxelles - Room JDE 70
Mr Györgi GEMESI

​Györgi GEMESI

The Committee of the Regions is drafting an own-initiative opinion on "Strengthening EU Citizenship: Promotion of EU citizens' electoral rights" (CIVEX-V-036).

2013 will be the European Year of Citizens, whereas in 2014 European elections will take place together with municipal elections in some Member States. The right of citizens to vote and stand in these elections (article 20 TFEU) is a major aspect of EU citizenship that was introduced by the Maastricht Treaty 20 years ago. In 2010, around 8 million EU citizens who had reached voting age lived outside their countries. However, EU citizens' rights apply both to the citizens staying in their Member State of origin as well as to mobile citizens.

As underlined by the European Commission there are still some obstacles to the full exercise of citizens' rights including electoral rights in everyday life. This may be due to a constant lack of interest but also to national practices and legislation such as electoral roll registration procedures. There is a need to involve the citizens more actively in the democratic life of the European Union, to help them feel that the European Union really belongs to them. 

Local and Regional Authorities are a major information channel for promoting and consolidating EU citizens' rights. Moreover, by providing services to EU citizens they are directly involved in the implementation of the provisions of the EU law on EU citizens' rights. 
The objective of the CoR opinion is to help promote European citizenship and European rights, particularly in relation to the full exercise of citizens' rights to vote and stand in elections as enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty, at the same time as encouraging electoral participation in order to underpin a sense of belonging and to consolidate individual rights by guaranteeing the rights associated with EU citizenship and the exercise of those rights.
The Rapporteur on the Opinion, Mr Györgi GEMESI (HU/EPP), Member of the CIVEX Commission of the CoR and Mayor of Gödöllő, together with his expert Dr Hajnalka SZABÓ would be happy to meet with representatives of local and regional associations and other stakeholders for a consultation and an exchange of views on this opinion.
The consultation will take place on:
Monday 15 October, 14:30 – 16:00
At the premises of the Committee of the Regions
(Rue Belliard 99-101, B-1040 Brussels)
Room JDE 70
The Rapporteur would be very keen to hear your views during the meeting. After a short introduction by the rapporteur, stakeholders will be invited to contribute their views and examples on how EU citizenship and electoral rights can be strengthened from a local and regional perspective. The Rapporteur would be particularly interested in reflections around the questions he raises in his Working Document that he has presented to CoR members.  
In addition, if you have any position papers relevant to the subject, you are welcome to send them to us by e-mail to the addresses below.
The meeting will be held in Hungarian with simultaneous interpretation allowing you to speak also in English, Hungarian, and French. Please note that the mother tongue of the rapporteur is Hungarian. 
For practical reasons, you are kindly asked to confirm your participation before Friday, 12 October at 15.00 by registering on the following link.
For more information, please contact our team:
Please note that the CoR will not provide paper copies of the documents for the meeting, in an effort to reduce paper waste.

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Organizer: CIVEX Commission
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