Stakeholder consultation by the Rapporteur Mr Francesco MUSOTTO (IT/EA - COTER)

14/06/2011   Committee of the Regions, rue Belliard 99-101, 1040 Brussels, Room JDE 70
Francesco MUSOTTO (IT/EA)

The Committee of the Regions is drafting an opinion on "The complementarity of national and EU interventions aimed at reducing the disparities in economic and social growth", to answer a referral from the future Polish Presidency of the EU.

The rapporteur on the opinion, Mr Francesco MUSOTTO (IT/EA), Member of the CoR COTER Commission and Member of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and his expert, Matilde MODICA, will be in Brussels on Tuesday 14 June 2011 and would be happy to take this opportunity to meet with representatives of the associations of local and regional authorities and other stakeholders for a consultation and exchange of views on his opinion.

The working languages of the meeting will be English and Italian (interpretation EN/ IT as well as passive interpretation from FR will be available).

The consultation will focus on the rapporteur's working document presented to the COTER commission on 19 May 2011 (exchange of views) and on 4 July 2011 (adoption) and will additionally tackle the following points:

What could/should be the structures to put in place in order to coordinate better local and regional development strategies, with policies set up at national level, and Cohesion Policy set up at EU level?

How the partnership and investment contracts should be elaborated in order to set up "territorial pacts" allowing real synergies between several strategies and several sources of funding?

Could you provide some examples of best practice within your region or city illustrating the criteria allowing a good level of complementarity between national and European interventions?

What are the obstacles (institutional, others) towards a better coherence between these interventions, in your region or city? How would it be possible to overcome these obstacles?

Please confirm your participation by sending an e-mail to the addresses below. 

The consultation will take place at the premises of the Committee of the Regions, rue Belliard 99-101, 1040 Brussels, room JDE 70 from 2.30 till 4.30 p.m.

For more information, please contact our team:
• For the COTER Commission: Mrs Carole Labbé, Tel: +32 2 282 2191
• For Relations with stakeholders: Mr Peter Verlinden, Tel: +32 2 282 2170


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