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Opinion factsheet

    A new stage in the European policy on blue growth

    : CDR 6622/2016
    : CLERGEAU, Christophe
    : PES (Party of European Socialists)
    : NAT
    : Under preparation
    : 11/05/2017



Meeting with MEP Isabelle THOMAS

On 02 February 2017 CoR rapporteur Christophe Clergeau met with the Member of European Parliament Ms Isabelle Thomas. Subject of the discussion was the report of Mr Clergeau "A new stage in the European policy on blue growth" and the possibilities to further develop the blue economy. Both Ms Thomas and Mr Clergeau agreed to continue to work together for better possibilities for EU coastal and maritime regions to achieve smart and sustainable growth in their marine economies and discussed further steps in this direction.

02 Feb

Working meeting with the Cabinet of Commissioner Vella

CoR rapporteur Clergeau met on 19 January 2017 with the Cabinet of the Member of the European Commission Mr Karmenu Vella for a discussion on the plans of the European Commission for further developmnent of the "blue" economy in Europe. He delivered feedback from regional point of view and presented the ongoing work on his own-initiative report "A new stage in the European policy on blue growth"

19 Jan

Meeting with Ocean Energy Europe

On 19 January Mr Clergeau met with Mr Remi Gruet, CEO Ocean Energy Europe, and Mr Jacopo Moccia, Policy Director, to discuss the challenges ahead for the ocean energy industry. One of the topics discussed was technological neutrality and the possibilities to integrate different ocean energy technologies into the energy mix.

19 Jan

Meeting with representatives of the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

CoR raporteur Clergeau met with representatives of the Directorate general for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission(DG MARE), to present his vision for the blue growth project and talk about the possibilities for improving the connection between the supranational and the subnational level, presenting some examples for projects on regional scale.

19 Jan

Rapporteur Clergeau meets with Sea Europe

CoR rapporteur Mr Christophe Clergeau met with representatives of SeaEurope and the platform Waterborne to discuss the future challenges for the Blue Econom=y

10 Jan

CoR rapporteur Clergeau meets with Wind Europe

As part of the ongoing preparations on his report "A new stage in the European policy on blue growth" Mr Clergeau met on 10 January with representatives of "Wind Europe". Subject of the discussions was offshore wind power generation.

10 Jan

Mr Clergeau meets with JPI Oceans

On 10 January CoR rapporteur Clergeau met with representatives of JPI Oceans to discuss in details the possibilities fo co-financing of "blue growth" projects and the priorities of the Joint Programme Initiative.

10 Jan