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Opinion factsheet

    Reconnecting Europe to its citizens - the need for more and better communication

    : CDR 4460/2014
    : ROUILLON, Christophe
    : PES (Party of European Socialists)
    : CIVEX
    : Adopted
    : 03/12/2014
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    ​At the start of the EU's new legislative term, the opinion proposes a major overhaul of the European institutions' communication policy, aiming to restore citizens' trust in the European integration project




Rapporteur's activities

European conference "Citizen in my city, citizen in Europe" organised by CEMR in Rome (Italy), workshop 5 – Giving the floor to citizens

15 Dec

Rapporteur's activities

Presentation of the opinion at the INFORM Network Meeting (DG REGIO) Brussels, 3 December 2014

02 Dec

CoR Plenary Session

Opinion Civex-V-049 is adopted at the CoR plenary session

02 Dec

Rapporteur's activities

Rapporteur is a speaker at the CoR Conference on Governing a multi-level Europe, panel devoted to "Reconnecting citizens with the EU: the role of regions and cities"

01 Dec

Rapporteur's activities

Rapporteur takes part, together with CoR President Michel Lebrun, in a public debate with citizens "L'Europe en Wallonie" in Namur

16 Nov

CoR Stakeholder Consultation

Rapporteur discusses the opinion with communicators and policy experts from the regions,towns, territorial associations and other stakeholders

15 Oct

Rapporteur's activities

The rapporteur participates in a panel discussion on "Rethinking EU communication" opening the 5th edition of the EuroPCom conference, together with Ms Mairead McGuinness, Vice-President of the European Parliament, Mr Sandro Gozi, Italian State Secretary for Europeanpolicies, Ms Jane Morrice, Vice-President of the EuropeanEconomic and Social Committee

14 Oct

Rapporteur's activities

Rapporteur meets with Mr Deffaa, Directeur general of DG REGIO

06 Oct

Rapporteur's activities

Rapporteur published an article about "Reconnecting Europe with the citizens" in the French daily Ouest France

01 Oct

CoR Commission activity

Draft opinion is adopted at the CIVEX commission meeting

21 Sep

Rapporteur's activities

Collecting input for the opinion - meeting with Mr Gregory Paulger, General Director for Communication, European Commission

15 Jul

Rapporteur's activities

Collecting input for the opinion - meeting with Mr Reijo Kemppinen, General Director for Communication, Council of the EU

14 Jul

Rapporteur's activities

Collecting input for the opinion - meeting with Ms Juana Lahousse – General Director for Communication, European Parliament

08 Jul

CoR Commission activity

CoR Bureau appoints Mr Christophe Rouillon (FR/PES) as rapporteur of the opinion on "Reconnecting Europe with its citizens"

23 Jun