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Opinion factsheet



Plenary adoption

On 7 December 2016, the CoR plenary debated and adopted the opinion on the collaborative economy and online platforms.

07 Dec

Rapporteur's activities

The rapporteur, Benedetta Brighenti, was invited to speak at a workshop on "Sharing economy: What challenges and opportunities for Europe?" organised by Euractiv.

13 Oct

Debate in ECON

The rapporteur's draft opinion was debated by Members of the ECON Commission, with European Parliament rapporteur, Nicola DANTI, and European Commission representative, Henning EHRENSTEIN.
ECON members amended and adopted the draft opinion, which is now scheduled for final adpoption in the CoR plenary of 7-8 December 2016.

28 Sep

Rapporteur's activities

The rapporteur met with representatives of the European Commission's DG GROW to discuss the Communication on the collaborative economy.

13 Jul

Rapporteur's activities

The rapporteur attended the debate on the "European Agenda for the Collaborative Economy" in the meeting of the European Parliament's IMCO Committee, and met the EP rapporteur, Nicola Danti.

13 Jul