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Opinion factsheet

    Mid-term evaluation of the Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE) 2014-2020

    : CDR 4126/2016
    : STĘPIEŃ, Witold
    : EPP (European People's Party)
    : ENVE
    : Adopted
    : 08/02/2017

    - reiterates its strong support for LIFE, as an independent, directly managed funding programme, entirely dedicated to the environment and climate change, to be continued after 2020, and for a serious increase in its budget after 2020;

    - calls for a delegated act, in accordance with Article 9(4) LIFE Regulation, to increase the allocation of funds to action grants under the LIFE programme for Nature and Biodiversity, and for increasing LIFE's contribution to Natura 2000 funding substantially after 2020;

    - recommends maintaining and strengthening the sub-programme on climate in the 2nd LIFE Multiannual Work Programme and after 2020, and strongly reinforcing the role of LIFE in tackling the uneven and inadequate implementation and enforcement of EU environment legislation, by further implementing LIFE integrated projects and the LIFE priority area of Environmental Governance and Information;

    - calls for an increase of the co-financing rate in the next LIFE programme and suggests that the ongoing phasing out of the national allocations for the traditional LIFE projects should be re-considered; and calls for further simplification of application and administration procedures;

    - calls on the European Commission to consider an appropriate financial model to strengthen marketing of prototypes and solutions developed in LIFE projects to an industrial scale; and to consider extending the financial instruments (PF4EE, NCFF) or introducing a new financial instrument, appropriately funded, with the aim of also attracting investors to the Environment and Resource Efficiency priority area.



European Commission intends to increase funding for nature and biodiversity under current LIFE programme

Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director General for Environment of the European Commission announces at the European Parliament ENVI Committee that the European Commission [in line with the CoR opinion] intends to increase funding in accordance with Article 9(4) LIFE Regulation under the current LIFE programme for nature and biodiversity actions, in support to the Action Plan for improved implementation of the Nature Directives.

21 Mar

Participation of European Commission and EIB in ENVE Commission meeting

Participation of Hervé Martin, Head of LIFE Unit, DG Environment, European Commission; Monica Peña Sastre, European Investment Bank.

01 Dec


EWRC Workshop on "EU LIFE programme: A chance for green business, innovation and job creation preserving the environment", with participation of the rapporteur.

12 Oct

European Commission and European Investment Bank

Meetings of the rapporteur with European Commission and European Investment Bank (tbc)

11 Oct