Opinion factsheet


    Reform of EU own resources within the next MFF post-2020

    : CDR 1530/2017
    : BOUDINEAU, Isabelle
    : PES (Party of European Socialists)
    : COTER
    : Adopted
    : 10/10/2017

    - underlines the challenges that the post-2020 EU budget will face in meeting evolving challenges in areas of European added value;

    - welcomes the publication of the final report of the high-level group on own resources (the Monti report), and in particular its recommendations on the principles of European added value and subsidiarity, but regrets that this report does not address the size of the EU budget in the light of the priorities set by the EU;

    - considers that this particular landscape, marked by the various crises, the UK's withdrawal from the EU, and the reflection process on the future of Europe, as well as the recommendations in the Monti report, provides an opportunity to create a vision of the priorities to be funded in the medium and long term in the framework of the EU budget and to reform its current system of funding;

    - considers the current system to be sub-optimal, in particular because it is too dependent on national contributions. This approach tends to disregard the benefits of the single market and of certain EU policies and place the focus solely on the rate of return. This approach also fails to take into account the cost of "non-Europe";

    - therefore calls for all of the correction mechanisms and rebates to be abolished;

    - feels that the aim of this reform should be to create a clearer, more provident and balanced budget that responds to European challenges and is based on a larger proportion of new own resources and a reduction in national contributions, while seeking to minimise additional burdens on taxpayers;

    - believes that creating a link between taxes levied and specific priority EU policies would have an educational value, which would lead to increased acceptability. The CoR recommends maintaining the principle of the universality of the EU budget.