Opinions adopted

Update of opinions adopted - chronological (2006-2010)

Update of opinions adopted - by commission (2006-2010)



Opinion Summaries


Commission NAT

State Aids to Fisheries and Aquaculture EN
Information provision and promotion measures for agricultural products on the internal market and in third countries EN
A new EU Forest Strategy EN - EL
Health inequalities in the European Union EN
Strategic guidelines for the sustainable development of EU aquaculture IT 

Regulation on Official Controls EN - PL
Agricultural genetic resources EN - IT
Post 2015 Hyogo Framework for Action EN


Commission ENVE

Green Paper on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies EN - FI
New guidelines for state aid for energy EN - FR
Proposal for a Directive on Lightweight Plastic Carrier Bags EN
Proposal for a Regulation amending the Waste Shipments Regulation EN
7th EAP:Sustainable City EN - LT
Multilevel governance in promoting biodiversity EN - ET
Clean air policy package for Europe EN - NL 

Commission ECOS

Labour mobility and strengthening EURES EN - ES
A European homelessness strategy EN - HU
Structural reform of EU banks and transparency in shadow banking EN
Quality Framework for Traineeships EN - LT
Long-term financing of the European economy EN - PL
Public Employment Services EN
Roma Integration Strategies EN
Amendment of the directives on exclusions for seafarers EN

Commission COTER

Towards quality inland waterway transport - NAIADES II EN
European Union Solidarity Fund EN - CS
EU Guidelines on State Aid to Airports and Airlines EN - IT
The Added Value of Macro-Regional Strategies EN - FI 
Framework on Future EU Ports Policy EN - IT
Toeards an Integrated Urban Agenda for the EU EN - NL
Urban Mobility Package EN
EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region EN - IT
Mobility in geographically and demographically challenged regions EN

Commission EDUC  

High-tech start-up ecosystems EN - FI
Disability, sport and leisure EN - FR
European Higher Education in the World EN - HU

Commission CIVEX

Future EU Policies in Justice and Home Affairs EN - SV
The establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office EN - DE
EU Citizenship Report 2013 - EU citizens: your rights, your future EN - EL
Researchers, students, volunteers, and other groups of third-country nationals EN - EL
Smart Border Package EN - PT

Temporary ad hoc Commission on the EU Budget  

Draft EU Budget for 2015 EN - FR
The Execution of the EU Budget ENPL 


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