Opinion factsheet


    Modernising school and higher education

    : CDR 3139/2017
    : BORBOLY, Csaba
    : EPP (European People's Party)
    : SEDEC
    : Adopted
    : 30/11/2017
    to welcome the Commission proposals to modernise education and to offer support in the framework of the process of reinforcing the compatibility, interoperability and development of the various European systems of school and higher education and training;
    to welcome the proposal for a Council Recommendation as a step forward for European cooperation, considering that the availability of comparable information on graduate (un)employment across the EU is crucial in order to be able to address, inter alia, the brain drain within and across European regions;
    to promote new learning approaches, through various forms of IT-based learning, and ask to also include outreach activities for disadvantaged groups;
    to place the CoR as a partner in the process of drawing up policy for the development and modernisation of school and higher education and, during the consultative process, to make as much use as possible of the expertise of local and regional authorities.