Opinion factsheet


    Work-life balance for parents and carers

    : CDR 3138/2017
    : SARRABEZOLLES, Nathalie
    : PES (Party of European Socialists)
    : SEDEC
    : Adopted
    : 30/11/2017



Adoption of the opinion

The CoR Plenary adopted the final opinion

30 Nov

Rapporteur Participated in the 2017 Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights

The Rapporteur presented her opinion at the session "Women's economic empowerment: is it possible to close the gender pay gap?"

21 Nov

Territorial Impact Assessment

The CoR held a Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA) of the legislative proposal

11 Oct

Adoption of the draft opinion by the SEDEC commission

The SEDEC commission will discuss and adopt the draft opinion

28 Sep

Stakeholders consultation

The rapporteur meets stakeholders in Brussels for an exchange of views on the topic.

13 Jul

Appointment of Rapporteur

Nathalie Sarrabezolles (FR/PES) is appointed Rapporteur for the CoR opinion

08 Jun

Publication of European Commission's Documents

The European Commission presents a set of legislative and non-legislative actions to modernise the existing European Union legal and policy framework to support better work-life balance for men and women with caring responsibilities and a more equal use of leave and flexible work arrangements.

26 Apr