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Opinion factsheet

    Innovation and modernisation of the rural economy

    : CDR 2799/2015
    : LÄNTS, Randel
    : PES (Party of European Socialists)
    : NAT
    : Adopted
    : 10/02/2016
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    Recognition of rural territories as development and innovation hubs which contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy in the framework of a balanced relationship with urban hubs in order to achieve the goal of territorial cohesion enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon.




Joint CoR-EESC Conference "Cork+20: leaving rural areas behind is no longer an option!"

09 Nov

CoR representation at the European Conference on Rural Development

Exactly 20 years after the ground-breaking European Conference on Rural Development in Cork, which concluded with the signing of the Cork Declaration on Rural Development, the European Commission, under the responsibility of Commissioner Phil Hogan has organised a second European Conference on Rural Development in Cork on 5-6 September 2016.

The Conference was aimed at bringing together 300 or so stakeholders in order to discuss current and future challenges of farming and rural areas, as well as potential policy responses - with a view to drafting a new Cork Declaration.

05 Sep

CoR Commission activity

Adoption of the opinion by the NAT commission

23 Nov

CoR Plenary Session

Discussion with Commisioner Hogan on the future of rural development policy

12 Oct

CoR Commission activity

NAT/RUMRA conference on Rural territories in the 2014-2020 policiesof territorial cohesion and inclusive growth with Mercedes BRESSO, MEP, president of RUMRA, Franc BOGOVIC, vice chair of RUMRA, Member of the European Parliament, and Corina Cretu, European Commissioner for Regional Policy

21 Sep

CoR Commission activity

Discussion on the draft opinion during the NAT Commission meeting

20 Sep

Rapporteur's activities

The rapporteur meets with a representative of the European Commission's DG REGIO

13 Jul

CoR Commission activity

Discussion on the work document in NAT Commission

18 Jun

CoR Commission activity

NAT seminar on innovation and modernisation of rural economy with Jozo Radoš vice chair of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas (RUMRA) and Joaquim Oliveira Martins, Head of the OECD Regional Development Policy Division

17 Jun

CoR Commission activity

The NAT commission appointed Mr Randel Länts rapporteur for the opinion on innovation and modernisation of rural economy

04 May