Interregional group "Health"

The "Health" Group, established by the Bureau decision of November 2010, to enable full and alternate members of the CoR to debate openly and to share viewpoints on EU health issues, as well as to discuss other public health matters in depth.
The group aims:
  • To facilitate a constructive dialogue with the European Commission and the European Parliament and thus reinforcing the work of local and regional health networks on officer level, established at the initiative of regional and local authorities or associations and their Brussels offices (i.e. EUREGHA, ENRICH)
  • To discuss, among other things, the use of structural funds, the health work force, patient mobility, nutrition and obesity and health inequalities indicators



Related Information
Chair: Birgitta Sacrédeus (SE/EPP)
Intergroup secretariat
EUREGHA Secretariat
Rue du Luxembourg, 3
1000 Bruxelles