Interregional group "Adriatic-Ionian"

The Group Adriatic-Ionian was set up in January 2013.

The Group aims:

  • to represent an Adriatic-Ionian opinion gathering platform, facilitating a broad exchange of views, ideas and practices between CoR members and representatives of European institutions and bodies, networks, Adriatic Ionian fora, EU and non-EU countries authorities of the eight States involved in the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR)
  • to contribute as a key player in the multi-level governance to the shaping of the EUSAIR and of its Action Plan as well as to its follow-up and implementation
  • to tackle common challenges effectively and to affirm the region’s identity and full potential
  • to create synergies with the existing strategies of the Baltic and of the Danube regions also through their CoR interregional groups and in particular with the Danube strategy, as recommended by the European Council Conclusions of 14 December 2012


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Chair: Paolo Di Laura Frattura(IT/PES)
Intergroup Secretariat
Francesco Cocco
Tel.: +39 3387369492