The Multilevel Governance Scoreboard

​As a follow up to the 2009 White paper on Multilevel Governance, the Scoreboard on Multilevel Governance is the tool created by the Committee of the Regions to monitor on a yearly basis the development of MLG at European Union level.

Thus far two editions of the Scoreboard have been produced, covering the period 2010-2012.

Each of these scoreboards providess a comparative assessment of the MLG performance at EU level under four priority policy strategies of the EU.

The first Scoreboard edition (2011) is based on the research performed on the following dossiers:

  • the Europe 2020 Strategy
  • the 2020 Energy Strategy
  • the Stockholm Programme
  • the 2010 Spring Package

French and German versions also available.


The second Scoreboard edition (2012) attaches itself to the study of:

  • the Common Agriculture Policy
  • the Structural Funds
  • the Single Market Act
  • the European Neighbourhood Policy

All dossiers considered are at the initial stage of the strategy-/policy-making and have great potential for innovative thinking and real partnership building. In order to evaluate MLG practices, we observed how institutions have taken on board the MLG principles at the early stage of the policy-making cycle within a clearly defined timeframe.

The Scoreboard reveals gaps in the institutional practices and detects potentials for a better MLG architecture when designing policies and strategies at EU level.

It demonstrates that with respect to procedures (information and consultation, stakeholders’ involvement and responsiveness), the objectives of MLG are better respected than the practices related to the content of the policies (territorial approach, subsidiarity) and the use of innovative instruments (contracts, etc.).

In each edition's executive summary, findings are shown and recommendations made with regard to how to bridge these gaps and how to increase the potential of an MLG culture throughout the EU policy cycle.