Stakeholder consultation by the Rapporteur Mr Norbert KARTMANN (DE/EPP - NAT)

24/01/2011   Committee of the Regions, rue Belliard 99-101, 1040 Brussels, room JDE 53

The Committee of the Regions is drafting an opinion on the Communication from the Commission "Towards a stronger European disaster response: the role of civil protection and humanitarian assistance" COM(2010) 600 final, which is seen as the first building block of a broader and more coherent effort towards a strengthened EU disaster response.

The new legal bases introduced by the Lisbon Treaty offer an opportunity to build a stronger, more comprehensive, better coordinated and more efficient disaster response capacity in the European Union. The present Communication focuses on civil protection and humanitarian assistance, the two main instruments at the EU’s disposal to ensure rapid and effective delivery of EU relief assistance to people faced with the immediate consequences of disasters.

In the communication, the Commission sets out its proposals for the implementation of this new legal framework introduced by the Lisbon Treaty that concern both individual instruments of disaster response and the means to ensure the synergies between these different instruments for a consistent and coordinated EU response.

The rapporteur on the opinion, Mr Norbert KARTMANN (DE/PPE), Member of the NAT Commission of the CoR, and his expert, Dr Tobias Bräunlein are coming to Brussels and would be happy to meet with representatives of the associations of local and regional authorities and other stakeholders for a consultation and exchange of views on his opinion.

The rapporteur would be very glad to receive your comments. In case you would already have a position paper related to the topic, please send a copy before the meeting to the following adresses. After registration, participants will be provided with a more detailed list of the issues at stake for the rapporteur, that will be discussed during the consultation.  

With simultaneous interpretation being provided, you will be able to speak in French, English and German while listening into English and German. Please note that the mother tongue of the rapporteur is German.  The consultation will take place at the premises of the Committee of the Regions, rue Belliard 99-101, 1040 Brussels, room JDE 70 at 10h30 – 12h30.

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